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Decatur Health Systems is designed for you around the idea of Total Care, providing a broad range of health services to keep you connected to the care you need right here in our community. Decatur County Hospital is a 24-bed hospital. On April 1, 2004 Wheat Ridge Terrace joined with us to provide apartments for Senior Citizens. The most recent addition to the health services we provide to our community is the Decatur Health Systems Family Practice Clinic.  Through the Family Practice Clinic primary health care services are offered to people of all ages and health conditions.   Appointments may be made by calling 785-475-2015.

Our Facilities include:
Acute Care Facilities
Family Practice Clinic
Emergency Room
Imaging Facilities
Surgical Rooms
Wellness Center
And More

As part of Total Care, we offer the following services: Inpatient - A person admitted to the hospital for a specific reason or diagnosis. Outpatient - A person admitted to the hospital for observation, generally not to exceed 24 hours, to evaluate the outpatient's condition or to determine the need or possibility of an inpatient admittance. Medicare Swing Bed - A patient requires continued skilled services past the days allotted by the insurance company. Swing Bed must follow a three-day acute care stay. The patient must meet certain criteria for these transitions. With the exception of weekly, rather than daily doctor visits, the patient care remains the same. Please contact your nurse for more information. For Additional Information If you would like additional information concerning our facilities, please contact us. For more information about our services at Decatur Health Systems click on the Our Services link.