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Patient Information

Information About Your Stay...

Your Room
We offer semiprivate and private rooms. Every effort is made to assign rooms on the basis of your medical needs and the availability of beds. We have two palliative care rooms designed to allow families to stay with their loved one.
Medications brought from home must be given to your nurse for appropriate storage.
Personal Belongings
You are welcome to bring personal items from home with you during your hospital stay. We recommend that you not bring money or valuables.
Visitors are welcome. An adult must accompany all visitors under the age of 14.
Your room is equipped with a private telephone. Local and long distance calls may be made from your room. For long distance calls, a calling card or credit card must be used.
Quiet Room
The quiet room is provided for your use and comfort. It is available to your family members and other visitors. It is located caddy-corner from the nurses station.
Decatur Health Systems is a smoke free facility. Smoke free means that no smoking is allowed anywhere in the facility or outside the buildings or in the parking lot. Thank you for respecting our policy and protecting the health of the public.